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  • The estimate

    The estimate

    Before the conclusion of the sale, a quote will be given to you free of charge.
  • Free Optical Hearing Assistance

    Free Optical Hearing Assistance

    All of our devices are guaranteed for four years for parts and labour.
  • Unlimited choice

    Unlimited choice

    And if despite the extent of our choice, you decide for a model not presented in our store, tell us its references, we will provide it.
  • Optical Insurance

    Optical Insurance

    In the event of breakage, Optical Center undertakes to exchange your eyeglasses at no cost as often as necessary
    during the contractual warranty period of your purchase.


  • Widex
  • Phonak
  • Ouïezen
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  • Hearing evaluation

    Hearing evaluation

    Conducted by our hearing experts.
  • Hearing aids

    Hearing aids

    Your hearing devices require special care and proper maintenance. In your store, you will find batteries and a host of cleaning and rinsing solutions for your hearing aid.
  • Hygiene and batteries

    Hygiene and batteries

    Your hearing devices require special care and proper maintenance. In your store, you will find batteries and a host of cleaning and rinsing solutions for your hearing aid.
  • Hearing accessories

    Hearing accessories

    In addition to your hearing aid, our hearing aid specialists have chosen a wide range of audio headsets, remote controls, telephones, alarm clocks, chargers and other accessories to significantly improve your daily comfort.
  • Eyeglasses


    Optical Center offers the best products and services for your optical needs. Choose the eyeglasses that suit you best from among the 2,000 models selected based on their design and quality. Thanks to our ongoing partnership with the greatest names in corrective lens research, our opticians can provide you with the latest innovations in lenses and treatments for optimal visual comfort in all of your daily activities.
  • Eyeglasses


    Myopic, astigmatic or presbyopic ... To protect your eyes from the sun and enjoy your daily activities, our opticians have selected the best sunglasses from the most famous brands. They will help you choose the ones that suit you best from among all of the models available in the store.
  • Sport eyewear

    Sport eyewear

    It's not always easy to enjoy sports if you wear eyeglasses. For this reason, we offer a full range of sports eyewear that can be adapted to any prescription.
  • Contact Lenses

    Contact Lenses

    Contact lenses help you feel more attractive and comfortable while correcting your vision: myopia, astigmatism, etc. Our stores offer daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly contact lenses. Our specialists will be delighted to help you decide whether you need daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly contact lenses.
  • Cleaning products

    Cleaning products

    Contact lenses are fragile and require special care. You must clean, rinse, disinfect, hydrate and lubricate your contact lenses to protect your eyes and enjoy optimal comfort. Our opticians can also show you how to take care of your lenses.
  • Low vision

    Low vision

    Every day, your eyes tend to tire and this fatigue accelerates over time. Our opticians will recommend the best eyewear to meet your needs.


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